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A ghostwriter is an uncredited writer who writes for their clients, working with and receiving input from them to understand and attain their writing objectives and goals. We have expert ghostwriters in a wide-variety of writing genres. The end goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and goals. When the work is completed, YOU, the client, maintain authorship, writing credit, and any money earnedfrom its sale.

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Our vast team of professional ghostwriters and editors specialize in a particular type of writing, from book writing (memoirs, novels, ebooks , how-to books), songwriting (lyrics, instrumental, vocals), creative writing (screenplays, novels, short stories, and more), business writing and services (business plans, SEO content and articles, web design, press releases, resumes, sales letters, and business books and ebooks), and more. 

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Although ghostwriting has been a part of the publishing industry for years, most people are not aware of its prevalence. About 40 percent of published books were ghostwritten! In fact, most of the present bestselling books were written by someone else than the person who appears on the cover. This trend is more popular today than ever before. Ghostwriting helps authors turn their idea into an organized and complete work. See what our professional ghostwriters can do for you. Why do you need a ghostwriter?

–    Lack of time

–    Business Opportunity / Good Investment

–    Need help expanding your great idea

Qualities of Professional Ghostwriters for Hire

1.   Professional ghostwriters have a genuine passion for writing. Creating and organizing ideas in writing is more rewarding than being recognized afterwards.

2.   Diligence. Good ghostwriters have to be able to spare time for research. This is necessary in order to be as accurate as possible when indicating date, times and places.

3.   Deep knowledge of the English language. This quality is very important. For one to come up with a good story, one has to be able to put more focus on the story itself rather than on the technical part.

4.   Patience. There are many processes required to create a successful final draft. Brainstorming, outlining, researching, writing, organizing, and editing, are just some of the requirements. Proofreading and rewriting is necessary to move to the final draft stage.

5.   Professional ghostwriters have to know how to say “no” if they are not confident in their ability to complete a particular project to the client’s expectations and standards.


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