There are many collaborative writing tools to help streamline the writing process between the clients and writers. At the same time, don’t underestimate the importance of working directly and personally with the writer. This relationship can be both therapeutic and conducive to creative writing. Don’t hesitate to bare your sole and share your deepest emotions and experiences. True emotion is the foundation of greatness.

Depending on the type of writing, the degree of collaborative writing will vary. For instance, those who hire our team for  memoir writing, biography writing, or other personal, non-fiction works,  will need to communicate more information, stories, events, and experiences for the writer to build on. This is because memoirs and biographies are primarily non-fiction or true events, and without the clients input, the writer does not have a basis from which to work. The methods of communication are solely up to the client.

The FREE voice recorder on all computers is a great way to record and share your ideas for collaborative writing. It is expected that the information you record in the voice recorder will be in rough form, but by picking and choosing from our memoir writing prompts, clients are bet prepared to share  instances of their lives, which the memoir writer will build on and make both remarkable and marketable.

Rather than relying solely on writing down the information, scheduling phone or Skype interviews, or instant messaging, most clients opt to supplement and simplify the process by buying a digital audio recorder or using the FREE voice recorder they have on their cell phone or computer. By using a broad range of communication methods and tools, the writer and client can better collaborate and work together effectively and efficiently.

Digital Audio Recorders —  Others think $30 to $50 is well worth it for  hand-sized digital audio recorder


Digital Audio Recorders with USB


Cell Phone Voice Recorder — Still others already have a built in audio recorder built into their cell phones

Cell Phone Voice Recorder


If you have Windows XP, view the video below to learn how to access your computer’s FREE audio recorder to record ideas for your writing project. Those who have Windows Vista can use their FREE audio recorder by following the steps in the images below the Windows XP video.

Access Windows XP FREE Voice Recorder:


STEP 1: Windows Vista — FREE Voice Recorder