Welcome to comedy writing where you can hire comedy ghostwriters to write or edit your comedy screenplays, stand up comedy writing, books, presentations, songs, speeches (MC, best man speeches, etc.), Vlogs, YouTube videos, SEO web content, articles, and more. Whether you’re in the comedy industry or simply want to add some comedy into one of your writing projects, we can help.

By the way, I’m John. I taught 8th grade writing in Brooklyn, NY for a couple years. Tough crowd.  Before they sucked the life out of me, I decided I needed to lighten up and do what I love — comedy! And I’ve been doing it ever since, providing comedy screenwriting and stand up comedy writing services.

Comedy Screenwriting – Movies and TV Show Sitcoms

Comedy screenwriters are at the heart of humor. Whenever you see a funny movie or TV series, know that a screenwriter was tasked with writing a funny script. Adding jokes and funny one-liners is only part of successful comedy screenwriting. Creating truly funny and interesting characters is undoubtedly the most important part of writing a comedy script.

Writing a funny movie or TV sitcom also requires a thorough understanding of screenplay structure. For movies,  3-act structure is the industry standard. Similarly, sitcoms also have a well-defined structure. For both, the characters are key to humor. Our comedy screenwriters are well-versed in screenplay structure.

Here are some samples of our comedy writing:

Stand Up Comedy Writers
$30 Per minute of stage time / 150 words:

Stand-up Comedy Writing

Stand up ain’t easy for most comics. Most successful comedians have had the humbling experience of dead silence or, worse yet, being heckled. But with these experiences, they regrouped and rewrote their comedy routines and practiced their delivery, timing, and body language expressions. Many if not most comics hire ghostwriters to write their standup.

Over the years, demand for our services has grown and we now have a team of excellent comedy writers from all walks of life. By collaborating, we have successfully created stand up acts for well known comedians who have appeared on Comedy Central, The Laugh Factory, and a slew of highly reputable comedy clubs.

Stand up Comedy Writing Sample

Here is a sample of our stand-up comedy. It won’t of course be suitable for all comics; we customize our writing based on your personality and requirements. This one is NOT clean (children beware):


Books and Novels — Comedy Writing

If you’ve ever had the chance to read a book or novel that has a lot of great humor in it, you understand how much better it made the book. Humor can make or break some books. It can transform an otherwise dull and almost boring story  into an enjoyable experience. Whether you want us to add humor to your existing book or novel or write it from scratch, we can help.

Presentations and Speeches

If you are giving an informational presentation or speech and want to spice it up a bit to make it more interesting, entertaining, and humorous, we can help. We have worked with teachers, professors, business people, and salespeople to create dynamic, informative, and entertaining presentations for a wide range of audiences.

Vlogs, Online Shows, and YouTube Videos

The Internet has opened the door to comedians all over the world. Whether you want to create hidden camera pranks, a funny and informative news show, or lighten up an otherwise serious how to video, our comedy writers can help.

We offer a variety of comedy writing services. For stand up comedy, please complete the following form and for other writing services, see the contact page at the top of this page: