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OBJECTIVE: To be hired as a freelance screenplay ghostwriter



Acknowledged in The Pineville Heist, a novel based on the award-winning screenplay, which will be filmed later this year and be released as a major motion picture.

Acknowledged in the novel The Sum of Random Chance 

#1 Amazon Best Seller Rank: YA Mystery (July 2012)
#1 Amazon Best Seller Rank: YA Science Fiction & Fantasy (July 2012)
#1 Amazon Best Seller Rank: Angels (July 2012)

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WORK HISTORY                                       

 www.ScreenwritersForHire.Com, Hollywood, California

Screenwriter – Currently employed                                                                               

Research, write, and edit screenplays, which have gone on to be sold and produced.

Work with clients to build upon their ideas, premise, or outline to write industry-standard scripts

Create screenplay versions of novels, further developing and clarifying character motivations based on the author’s specifications and needs., Hollywood, California

Novel Ghostwriter – Currently employed                                       

Research, write, and edit novels that end up being successfully sold on in both hard copy and Kindle digital version.

Write original novels or build on the client’s ideas to create some of which are turned into major motion pictures.


John Ericsson Junior High School, Brooklyn, New York

Teacher – 8th Grade English, 2003 – 2004.                               

Scaffolding Literacy Model of teaching that encourages exchange of ideas through formation of small groups working on broader range of educational context of writing and reading including open discussions

Designed an effective proactive reinforcement that results to efficient classroom management and student interaction John Ericsson Junior High School, Brooklyn, New York

Prepared 8th-grade students prepare themselves for the ELA Examination

Coached students in outdoor track, improving their cardio-vascular system, techniques of running, and teamwork.


Platform Learning, Brooklyn, New York                             

English and Math Tutor – 8th Grades, spring 2004.

Provides highly individualized instructions, tutorial class, to less than seven students in preparation for the standardized English test as well as Math

Performed various means of evaluation to determine a student’s readiness for the English and Math

Reviewed and evaluated assessment results for design of lesson plans

Implemented various positive classroom reinforcements for easy and smooth student-teacher interaction


George Gershwin JHS, IS 166, Brooklyn, New York     

Writing Teacher – 8th Grade, 2006 School Year

Responsible for curriculum instruction implementation as well as enforcing regulations concerning student behavior and discipline

Maintained and demonstrated professional teaching practices serving as a model for correct use of spoken and written language

Designed lesson plan, assigned reasonable homework and task to students, demonstrated interpersonal and interaction skills, facilitated school and home communication

Demonstrated age-appropriate word choice and communication skills including monitoring of student’s educational progress, and test construction, grading, ranking, and administration skills

Developed a network of writing partners and other variety of strategies to develop the students’ mastery in writing and reading including Internet research and PowerPoint presentations as well as Music CDs to facilitate illustration of literary concepts.

Designed differentiated instructions with offers of at least seven nonfiction and fiction novels and small group discussions