When writing academically, purpose, audience, tone, and content greatly impact the writing to be delivered effectively.  Purpose of a paragraph or writing is why the writer originally had written the writing. What ideas, stories, or information he has to share gives the writer purpose and reason for the writing.

The purpose has an impact on the writing because it is the main cause for it to be written and without the purpose there would be no need to write. Audience impacts writing because you should try to develop a certain relationship with your audience and accommodate your writing to the audience’s needs. Knowing your audience’s background, demographics, and education can impact the information and content of the writing to make the audience relate to what is written.

Audience impacts the writing on how it is presented and put together to be more clearly understandable. Audience expectations and interests impact writing by keeping the writing interesting and relevant so you do not lose the audience’s attention. Tone impacts writing because it serves as the writer’s attitude toward the written subject. Using tone can alert the audience to the attitude of the writing such as funny, sad, somber, and exciting. Using tone impacts writing because the writer wants to bring the correct mood to the audience and to the subject written about. Content impacts writing by keeping the audience attention with appropriate material.

By having content appropriate for the audience you keep them interested. Different audiences impact different content and needs to be appropriate for all audience’s differences. Purpose, audience, tone, and content all work with each other and should be used when writing academically to get the best writing possible.

Academic Writing