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Writing classified ads can be difficult, especially when you factor in the issues of space and time. You want your ad to be effective and noticed right away above all the rest in its category. Below are five steps that will help you when writing your ads and make them more profitable over all.

Step one: gather all the information you want to include prior to writing the ad. To be effective, you must say exactly what needs to be said. What do the readers need to know in order to begin taking advantage of the products or services you have to offer right away? Compile all your information and be sure to include all relevant information.

Step two: prioritize the information. This is where you decide what comes first, second, and so on. When making this decision, think about what you would like your readers to see first. This is the information that should compel them to keep reading and in the end buy your products or services so think about it very carefully.

Step three: say what you need to say in the least number of words possible. This can be difficult especially when you are using detail to sell a product. A classified ad is usually expensive and limited by space, so use just the information others need to know. The details can follow later when they call or E-Mail to inquire about what it is you are selling or advertising.

Step four: make sure your ad is unique and represents you. Remember, your ad will appear on a page with many other ads so you want yours to stand out to the readers above all the rest. Use words that will most likely grab their attention and give them a good idea of who you are and what you’re all about so they’ll want to know more.

Step five: Clearly state what the readers will receive if they respond to your ad. To do this, you can use action words to get your point across. The first couple of words will determine whether or not your ad is actually read or if it is skipped so you want to grab the attention of your readers right away. Such words include: free, win, and phrases like “make big money”. The clearer you are, the more responses you will receive. On the other hand, if people are unsure about what products or services they may receive from you, they are more inclined to go on to a similar ad that is written more clearly.

By following these five steps, you will begin writing more effective classified ads that will also prove more profitable in the future. Success is all about attracting customers and if written right, classified ads provide a great avenue for doing just that.

Classified Ads — Ghost Writer for Hire
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