The world of a country song writer is a different one, requiring writers to prove their capability time and again. With millions of aspiring artists that make their appearance on the scene annually, the song writer has to work very hard to stay adrift otherwise he is likely to sink into anonymity before he can even realize it. A song writer has to face stiff competition and this aspect is even more emphatically seen in the case of the genre of country song writing. This is because country lyrics are comparatively simple in their structural form. They do not need the backing of fine accompaniments. Often the country song writer himself sets music for his lyric which may be a few simple chords of a guitar or a piano.

The versatility of a country song is another aspect which attracts composers to try their hand at them. A country song writer may end up lending his own voice to the lyric, thus imbuing more life and emotions into it. Owing to the story telling-like narration of country songs, they are easier to compose. They are a reflection of real life situations and a set of perfectly rhyming words is not important. A country song writer enjoys more freedom in choice of themes and words. He can opt to write in a frolicking tone or touch upon the graver facets of life. Whatever he selects, his composition will be a roaring success if he keeps his eyes focused upon certain guiding principles:

Be vigilant – Keep abreast of the contemporaries’ actions and latest contributions. Do not follow them blindly. Instead, beat out a unique path for them to follow you. Staying on your toes will help you to know the latest trends which you can project into the future.

Be observant – Study the lives of simple country folks, their traditions, culture, convictions values and the emotional turmoil they experience. Put them down on paper in an organized fashion and you have an extraordinary country song.

Keep jotting down ideas – Ideas may strike at any time. Keep paper and pencil ready to record them immediately lest they are forgotten when most needed.

Listen to as many country songs as possible – Study their structure and see what made them hits or flops. It is this which will stand you in good stead.

Develop an ear for music – A country song writer who is also a musician can carve out a better lyric than an ordinary man.

The knowledge of melody will help him to discern what will work and what will not.

Attend as many lyrics contests as possible – There are a lot many national and international contests held annually for lyricist. This will help you to judge how well your country lyrics translate into songs. Also, you can see where your songs stand in comparison to others’. The Internet can assist you to know about the competitions across the globe. The Great American Song website sponsors some of the best online competitions.

Aim for Nashville – There could be nothing more exciting for a country song writer than working at Nashville, the nation’s vibrant center for music.

Copyright your song – Save it from being pilfered and sold by others as their own creation.

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