We are here to learn about creative writing, how to read and write screenplays, novels, and short stories.  These creating writing tips are good for writers or novelists, aspiring or established.   This will help provide all the tricks that any decent writer wants to learn or master.  We are speaking smart talk like academia does but we are doing it in a way more casual setting.  Think of this as a novelist lecture hall or just a place to nerd out about literature.  If that’s your sort of thing then you are in the right place.  Hands down the most frequent question established authors get from inspiring writers and average people who like to write things them self is how do you write a book.  It sounds like an average question at the time.  A lot of writers say that writing a book is too hard and that they can’t do it.

It takes a real visionary to tell a beautiful story, and that is fundamentally wrong. Writing is not hard.  Just like every artistic medium average people encounter.  Literature is by far the most widely understood.  These days literacy is down to fifteen percent worldwide.  With the globalization of culture of books is no longer imprisoned by its native language.    We are at a powerful moment in human history where most of the people on the planet can read the written word.  Understand the written word, and think critically about it.  That’s a pretty momentous occasion if you ask me.  Furthermore for the average person there is not a whole lot left to learn.  Most likely everyone watching this video can write.  If you had to you could tell someone a story by writing it down.   Even if it was something as simple as what happen to Mary Sue yesterday or what happen when you went out to run errands.  Advanced writing is still difficult, but it is definitely not impossible.

Creative Writing Tips – Write

For those eager people already flexing their fingers, and dreaming of advice to keep their ears turning.  Rule number one write.  I know it sounds dumb, but seriously write.  Do you want to know what stops the average writer from writing and telling their story theirs selves?  There are tones of reasons writers don’t write they don’t think that they are good enough they don’t have time they don’t have time and the list goes on and on.  Make it a routine everyday at this time write something – write anything.  Write a diary write a sort story describe a scene.    If you’re scared of your skill level know that even the best authors they all had to start somewhere.  If you’re worried about what to write remember that it does not matter.  Practice is crucial if you want to improve.  There is always room to grow.  So just write.

Creative Writing Tips