Ever since pens and papers were invented, essay writing has never been an easy task. Surely students who have taken an essay writing course would agree. Most students think that this form of writing activity is a waste of time. It is important that a student be aware of the relevance of taking an essay writing course:

1. It has been found that a student experiences knowledge internalization when writing an essay.

2. Essay writing also helps measure a student’s intellectual development.

3. Because of feedback given by instructors of an essay writing course, the student is able to improve his writing skills.

4. Knowing how to properly write an essay now is very helpful especially because written exams are very common at any stage in college and even in business. In other words, essays are used to measure a student’s level of knowledge and skills. This will significantly affect their grades and performance in school.

Some Helpful Tips:

–Writing a Definition Essay A definition essay is one example of the different types of essays. Its purpose is to define a particular word or concept. In most cases, it is a combination of the cause and effect, the descriptive, the narrative, the process, and the comparison / contrast essays. They work together to create a comprehensive definition of a multifaceted topic. It is not enough to restate a definition from a dictionary. Dictionaries usually provide narrow definitions that do not cover all aspects of the word or concept. In order to make a successful definition essay, you need to be able to input all the things you have learned on the topic. A good aspect to start is history, and then, you can move your way on how it influences the present.


1. When choosing a topic, take note that most words have multiple meanings. Do not be hesitant in exploring and using those meanings.

2. After choosing the topic you want to define, carefully mull over all of its meanings. Afterward, organize your ideas in the manner that would best communicate the message you want the reader to obtain. Making an outline would be the best way to accomplish this step.

3. Think about the style you will use for your essay. Your options are cause and effect, the narrative, the process, and the comparison / contrast.

4. Avoid quoting the definition found in the dictionary.

5. The phrases “is when” and “is where” are only used to introduce words, not define them. Many students find essay writing to be taxing. Instructors of an essay writing course have to let students know the importance and benefits that essay writing can offer.

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