Ghost writer is an odd term, isn’t it?  It conjures up an image of a creepy ghost sitting at a type writer turning out stories that send chills up our spines. Although it is true that a ghost writer can turn out a horror story, the fact of the matter is a ghost writer is not nearly as exotic as the name implies.  In fact, the term merely represents that it  is simply someone that offers their writing services without taking any credit at all in return for payment.

Now you might be thinking you cannot afford to hire such an individual.  Such services must be very, very expensive.  Well, that could not be further from the truth.  In fact, such services are affordable. In addition you can order in installments. Hiring a ghost writer is an investment.

Through years of practice, a ghost writer will develop quality writing skills. Picture yourself going into a book store and seeing your latest novel on the shelves with your name on it, the whole time knowing you had a great idea for a novel and simply hired a writing professional to write your cool idea into the book of your dreams. Most works are made as a collaboration. There’s nothing wrong with that.

How about going to the movies and seeing your name slide across the screen as a real life Hollywood screenwriter  all because you had a good idea for a movie and had the insight to call and hire a ghost writer to write your million dollar idea into the next big screen mega hit.  Now, you’re going around town in a big limousine, young starlets are texting you, producers are blowing up your phone, all of them just waiting for your next great idea.  They know you worked with a ghost writer to turn the film idea in your head into a reality and hey, this is Hollywood baby, they have no problem with it. In fact, there are any number of screenwriters just waiting to get that call to ghost write your next movie idea.  But remember, you got to be in it to win it.

Ghost Writer