Ghost writers as a group are the type of people who like to write and don’t often feel the need to take credit for what they write.  They are professional writers.  And by that I mean they are people who are so good at writing they get paid to write.   Often time’s people ask these professionals to write an original idea for them and not take credit.

Now you might be asking yourself why would ghost writers write and not take credit for what they do.  Well the simple answer is that ghost writing is a time honored tradition that has been around for as long as professional writing has existed.  As a matter of fact, ghost writing isn’t the only type of ghosting in the arts that there is.  There are ghost painters, ghost filmmakers and ghost musicians.   So it is a strong tradition in the arts to make money from practicing their arts for pay and not taking any credit.

In addition to the idea of the strong tradition, ghost writers are often people who are writing their own material that is based on their own ideas and need some sort of job to finance the time and energy it takes to create an original piece of writing.   So instead of getting a job at the local café or some other type of job, they get a job inside of their profession in ghost writing.

Ghost writers are by and large an intelligent group of people, who like to spend time researching.  They include research time in their bid when estimating the price of a professional piece of ghost writing.   Ghost writers also tend to be personable people.  After all they must interact with the client and bring the clients stories to life.  So, one of the qualities of a good ghost writer is being a good listener.  Ghost writers are also good story tellers.  Ghost writers oftentimes love stories.  They like to tell stories and have the ability to craft a story that isn’t one that is theirs. Ghostwriters understand the fundamentals of the ghost writing craft.   As you might imagine inside of the craft of writing there are certain fundamental rules that have to be adhered to.  And so,  they do  understand these rules so well they are able to craft other people’s story ideas from scratch and do it so well that people are willing to pay them to craft their stories.

Ghost Writers