Our ghost writers are skilled writers who clients — authors, business people, and those with good writing ideas — hire to compose their writing project on their behalf. Ghost writers can be paid by the page, per project, or as a percentage of sales. Our ghost writers do not work on projects that offer a percentage of royalties because we are not interested in negotiating all the legal documents and waiting for the royalties to roll in. We are, however, open to writing on a per page or per project basis. We ghost write novels, screenplays, books, song lyrics, articles,¬†academic journal articles, letter, and more.

The client who hires the ghost writer is officially credited as the author, but for books and novels the ghost writer is sometimes acknowledged in the acknowledgement page as having helped. It is the client’s decision whether they want to make any such acknowledgement. The hiring party can stipulate the terms of service, which typically state that the ghost writer or ghost writers will write confidentially; they are not to claim authorship.¬† In addition, the person who hires ghost writers will retain 100 percent ownership of the writing, including 100 percent of the potential profits earned from its sale.

Professional ghostwriting companies manage a team of professional writers who represent a specific field of writing. Others, such as GhostWritersForHire.Com, have a professional team of ghost writers in a wide variety of writing fields and genres. We realize that while one writer may be good at several types of writing, to be great the writer should specialize in a particular area. For this reason, we have teams of specialists in each type of writing and genre. We assess and teach our writers, and they are constantly learning and improving their already honed writing skills.

When you hire our ghostwriting services, you will be able to order in installments. You can order a few pages at a time rather than paying for the entire project in advance. This will help to ensure your project is progressing and provide peace of mind, knowing that only a smaller percentage of the project has been paid. Once you receive the first installment, just let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We will make the revisions and edits at no additional cost and in a timely manner. Once you are satisfied with that section, you can order the next section, and so on.

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