Before Getting Ghostwriter Service

Before obtaining ghostwriter service from a professional for hire, you have to consider how marketable the idea of a manuscript is. You may skip this step if you are only producing a book as a gift and you do not mind the aspect of money.

It is possible for you to find out the marketability of the manuscript by yourself however in most instances, people acquire opinions from outside or do a comprehensive research.

How to Research
A simple strategy to find out the marketability of an idea is to observe increasing trends. For example, at the time when psychological thrillers became such a hit, books and other movies of related themes and issues started emerging.  Learn what kinds of movies are becoming “hot” in Hollywood so you can make a title that would be associated to a sure blockbuster.
On the other hand, if you want to write about a single subject which could be related to your business or profession, then try to find out what is currently being sold.  Also find out how these books were sold and think of ways how yours can be unique. Take note: if you want to sell your book to a publisher, then you need to be different from the rest.

Resources  is an online program which can help you determine the popularity of a  topic. Furthermore, another website can help you know their ranks in sales for any title. These resources are very helpful so you can come up with a marketable manuscript.

Outside Opinion

Getting opinions from other people is also beneficial. However it is not enough to make a decision based on the input of a few family members or a friend. You have to ask plenty of other people who you are sure will give you an honest advice.
If you know people who can do this for you, the next step is to consult a professional ghostwriter for hire about marketability. If the ghostwriter obviously does not know anything about the subject, then you should start having second thoughts about his or her expertise.

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