Online Writing — How to Write Product Reviews Online

The fact that just about anyone can put something on the internet is both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because it allows anyone to write product reviews online and a curse because not everyone who writes reviews is honest and can ruin it for the honest review writers. In addition, all too often customers will be quick to post a negative review but not willing to spend the time to write a positive product review. Furthermore, some companies will even post negative reviews of their competitor’s business.

Those who want to write product reviews understand that consumers have recently started becoming more and more savvy. They’re far more careful about what they read as more and more inaccurate reviews are being bought online. It has become important to create the sense of legitimacy whenever one attempts to write product reviews.

Solo or Comparison Review

There are two ways to write product reviews – either something focused on a single review or something that compares a series of similar products and will then leave it to the consumer to pick the one that best suits their needs. Those who want to write reviews need to understand how to properly structure a review. It must have an introduction, an overview, and a summary.

The Introduction

This part is all about describing the problem that the product is supposed to solve to establish that the writer understands the consumers’ needs. The introduction should organize the rest of the review. It should also gain the readers’ attention.

The Overview

This is where those who want to write reviews go into detail about how the product is supposed to answer the problem that was in the introduction. It details how it is meant to be used, how much it costs, and its effectiveness.

The Summary

Generally, this restates what the product review is all about and often, depending on the content of the review, repeats whether the item is worth the consumer’s time.

Simplifying the Process

Those who want to write product reviews can find the entire process simplified.  First, the writer must identify the target audience and the problem the product is supposed to solve. The next step is to identify whether the product solves the problem. If it does solve a problem, explain how.  The last step is to figure out if it is something people would want to purchase.

Actually Writing the Review

Many reviews work best if the author approaches the article from the viewpoint of a peer. It costs little in the way of legitimacy but it also makes it more appealing for readers to pay attention to the article. Extremely formal articles may get the message across but they may seem cold and sterile to many readers, which may look formulaic and even dishonest. Writing a review about a product that an author had not personally tested can be disastrous, especially if the writer does not understand its functions. It is often possible to find the product in a local store and to test it personally.

How to Write Product Reviews Online