Search engine marketing articles are different from search engine optimization (SEO) articles and should not be confused together, though one can be used in conjunction with the other. Search engine marketing is another method of marketing on the internet that promotes website’s products and services by making websites visible in search engines result pages.  It makes use of contextual advertising, paid placements and paid inclusions.  While search engine optimization is optimizing websites article by using relevant keywords so that it can attain a higher placement in search results pages.  Search engines marketing techniques can also be included in search engine optimization strategies to achieve better results.

Search engine marketing articles are good for any websites that want to make profit on the internet.  Building websites for product and services is not enough there is need for articles to be displayed on websites, so that visitors can have relevant and current information to read about products and services offered on such websites.  This will encourage visitors to stay on the website and eventually purchase such products and services.  In this way, it turns visitors into potential customers.

Search engine marketing articles are a very good way to drive targeted traffic to online marketing websites. It uses a very methodical plan to achieve this.  The first method is to research the target audience.  Every website has its target audience.  For example, if the website is about travel, its target audience will be those that love travelling, especially those that will love to go on vacation.  So, it will be good to look for them on forums, social bookmarking sites and other similar places where they can be found.  This will help the webmasters to be able to market them effectively.

The second way that search engine marketing articles drive traffic to websites is when relevant keywords that adequately stands for what the website is offering in the articles.  This will help search engine crawlers to locate and pick up those keywords. Search engine robots crawls every website indexing the keywords and displaying it when internet user key in search terms that matches the keywords. Before writing the article, it is better to do keyword research as this will assist website owners to know the search terms that internet users are using to find information about their products and services.

Search engine marketing articles should also be distributed around the internet to create exposure for websites.  It is not enough to post these articles on websites; they must be distributed to major article directories, social bookmarking websites and all other similar websites.  The articles should contain links back to the main website.  This will really give exposure to the website and bring in lots of traffic.

It is a good practice for every webmaster to make use of search engine marketing articles to help in building links to the website, increasing the ranking position on search engines and driving in lots of targeted traffic to the website.  The articles can be written by webmasters themselves or outsourced to seo writers on the internet.


Search Engine Marketing Articles