Article Ghostwriter for Hire

SEO article writing is not the same as academic article writing.  In 1996, as a high school senior, I first recognized and acted on my instinctive writing talent.  Since then, I have graduated from college with a BA in writing, went on to graduate school, earned my teaching certificate in writing, tutored college writing for 2 years, and taught writing in public schools for 2 years.  Then, in 2003, I left teaching to write full time, and have been writing every day since.

Professional SEO article writing and marketing requires a strong business sense, meticulous keyword and keyword phrase research, and an organized and logical linking structure based on specific keywords.  For example, if you are an article ghostwriter, you will want your website to appear in the search results for the term “article ghostwriter” or “article ghostwriters.”  In addition, the more specific you are when using keyword phrases, the more targeted your website traffic, and likely, they will wanta your products and services.

A longtail search term is one that is lengthier. Those who are familiar with the game show Wheel of Fortune know they have a category called “before and after.”  Each puzzle is actually 2 phrases that share a word in the middle.  Long tail keyword phrases use similar ideas. For example, instead of “Article Ghostwriter,” we can use “SEO Article Ghostwriter” or “Professional SEO Article Ghostwriter for Hire.”  The latter phrase consists of 6 words, but several different phrases, which each make sense if the preceding word is omitted.

Specifically, SEO Article, SEO Article Ghostwriter, SEO article Ghostwriter for Hire.  Also, the word “Hire” is useful with all the other keywords.

SEO Article Ghostwriter for Hire