Seo optimized articles – good way of promoting websites

Seo optimized articles are used mainly for pulling traffic to websites. Traffic is a very important factor in an online business. Lack of it can cause failure for any internet business. Doing business online is not as easy as offline.  Knowing what it takes to create awareness for online business is a prerequisite; otherwise there may be low sales of product and services.  People surfing the internet looking for what to buy or services to use need to be aware that there is a website that is offering the product online.  The only way to create awareness is by writing seo optimized articles.

Seo optimized articles are written in such a way that relevant keywords to the products or services offered by the websites are used.  The articles must be rich with current information so that readers will benefit from it.  This is the only thing that can keep readers on the website, where they will be able to read more about products and services and possibly buy.  Scrap articles have a way of sending readers away even if the traffic is very high.

Keywords should be properly distributed around seo optimized articles to allow search engine robots to pick them up.  Search engine robots crawls website when an internet user input a keyword in the search box.  It crawls to look for relevant information for internet users.  So, if the content on the website is search engine optimized, it will be picked up easily and its links displayed on the search page.  Internet user will be able to pick it up by clicking on the links to the website.

However, when writing seo optimized articles, care must be taken to ensure that the keywords are not stuffed inside the content.  Too much attention must not be paid to keyword density otherwise the content may loose its meaning and search engines can even ban such websites.  Accurate density of keyword should be used. At least, the keyword must appear in the first two lines of the first paragraph and then in subsequent paragraphs.  The last paragraph containing the conclusion or summary should also contain the keyword as these are the places the search engine robots crawl to pick up keywords. Keyword synonyms can also be used.  These are terms close to the keyword; this will even give the websites enough chances of being clicked in regards to different kinds of search terms used by internet users.

Seo optimized articles when properly done and promoted by distributing it to major directories on the internet, can drive massive targeted traffic to websites.  Traffic is what every website owner wants as it creates awareness and brings in people that are ready to purchase or click links.  It can also make the website to rank high in search engines.  The higher the website, the more traffic it pulls.  This is because internet users often click links to websites on the first page and not subsequent pages.  So, using seo optimized articles will rank the website high on search engine page.



SEO Optimized Articles