How to Write a Short Story

When writing a short story, begin by creating a problem for the protagonist to solve. This problem should be highly related to the character’s personality and identity.  The last step is to offer a solution to the problem.


The theme is specific message that connects the entire short story. When writing a short story, your plot, settings, and characters should be related to the theme.

Time Span

In general, while writing a short story, try to focus on a smaller period of time — a day, week, or month at most.  Your short story should focus on one significant event in the character’s life.  Your short story may even focus on less than a day


When writing a short story, try to be creative and logical with your settings. To make the setting more realistic, appeal to the readers’ senses. In addition, your plot will make certain settings more plausible.


To ensure a more focused short story, do not use too many characters. Approximately 5 characters are plenty. Additionally, do not over describe your characters.  Rather, focus on characteristics that are highly relevant to your story. We can do without a page description about what the character is wearing.


Dialogue is one of the most critical elements to express your characters; however, dialogue must simultaneously develop the theme and plot.  Your characters’ dialogues must be relevant.

Vivid Imagery

Vivid imagery appeals the readers’ senses. It helps obtain readers’ interest. Your picture should seem so vivid that the reader can imagine him or herself in the setting.


When writing a short story, your plot should begin with an engaging first paragraph that will gain the readers’ interest.  If you do not get capture the readers’ attention quickly, they will not want to read more of your short story.  Nevertheless, don’t take your climax or denouement for granted.  It is not recommended to express your climax in just one sentence because the reader may feel cheated. Additionally, the revelation of twist endings should be appropriately timed. Hold out long enough to keep the reader’s curiosity a longer, but make sure to create unsolved questions to which readers’ need answers and which you will explain and express in the subsequent pages.

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