A song is a musical composition for the human voice (commonly accompanied by other musical instruments) and with lyrics. It is typically for a single vocalist, but it can also be a Duet, trio, or for more voices (coral music). The words of the songs are traditionally of poetic, versification though they can be verses religious free prose. Songs can widely be divided in many ways, depending on the used criterion. Other common methods of classification are (sacral secular vs), purpose by style (dance, ballad, Lieder, etc.) or source (Renaissance, contemporary, etc).

Colloquially, although it is incorrect, the word song is used to refer to any musical composition, including those without singing (However the musical styles that are predominantly vowels, a composition without sung pieces is often named instrumental). In general, repetitive use of the word is considered inappropriate and “song” can only be used to describe a composition for the human voice, except in some exceptions, for example: songs without words of the romantic period, these pieces by composers such as Tchaikovsky, or Mendelssohn are not for human voice, but for some (usually piano) instrument. And they are still considered songs. Of course, in many cases can be letters and be sung, however, is not always.

Cultural types

Art songs

They are copies that were created for its interpretation according to their attributes, or determination of a European upper class, usually carry accompanying piano, but they may also have other types of accompaniment, as an orchestra or a String Quartet, and musical notes are always written.

Generally have defined author and require vocal education that are interpreted in a manner acceptable. The song texts are often written by a poet and music separately by a composer.

The Hard Rock band AC/DC.Cultures outside of Europe can have what is considered as classical music, such as the India tradition.

The romantic era of music, song is considered one of the most distinctive musical forms. The accompaniment of works of this period is considered as an important part of the composition. Art song of this stage is often a Duet, in which the singers and accompanying equal importance interpretative. The pieces were most often written to be performed in a homely, setting although today works are enjoyed at concerts. Poetry during this outcrop, was much of what inspired the creation of these pieces by Brahms, Schumann, Schubert and other composers. Some composers interpreted poems literally creating music to imitated symbolic images of the poem. The vocal melody was created to reflect the shape and the emphasis of the poem. The atmosphere of the piece could be summarized in the final section of piano called postlude.

Popular songs

Popular songs are songs that may be considered a variation between art songs and folk songs. They are usually accompanied execution and recording by a musical group. They are not anonymous and well-known authors. Often but not always, authors write musical notes or transcribe them of having been recorded and tend to be created in collaboration of the entire musical group even though the text of the song is usually written by a person of ordinary lead singer. Popular songs often deal with individual and cultural identity. Artists generally do not have a decisive vocal education or experience, but often use highly stylized vocal techniques. Many people consider the songs in popular music are generally simpler than art songs.

Structure of a song or building a popular song
Popular songs will almost always have a well-defined structure. The song structure commonly using between three and five musical sections separated, which then used together to form a complete song.

Structural analysis of a typical folk song may be in this order:

6.Music bridge
7.(Repeat chorus to silence)
This above-mentioned structure is a very common form of modern folk song. This includes pop, rock, Heavy Metal songs and virtually all genres of popular songs and pieces of classical music. This simple structure may be complicated in many ways rather than a single Chorus adding two choruses, or rather than end up with a repetition of the chorus add a specific part of the end. This part is sometimes called coda. There may be a chorus that alternates with other verses that are not repeated. The structure should not be too complicated to not destroy the balance between repetitions and alterations to a topic.
Folk singing
Folk songs are couplets of anonymous origin (or in the public domain) that are transmitted orally. Frequently seek national aspects or cultural identity. Art songs often exploit the status of folk songs when people forget who the author is. Folk songs exist in almost all cultures.
Song structures
Except for the last two forms (thirty-two-bar form and twelve bar blues), canon and flight, none of the others are ways of musicals, but would be more appropriate to refer to them as simple ‘styles’ canciones. For its part, the canon and flight, can be both vowels, as instrumentals, and have all the characteristics of a musical form, therefore only correct will call them song, if the work in question has a vocal part, if you are purely instrumental, this term does not apply. Even in the first case, it is preferable to call them leak or canon, as appropriate, prior to refer to them as a song.

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