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Descriptive Essay

In a descriptive essay, you will be instructed to describe a particular thing or person throughout the paper. This type of essay usually takes in comprehensive information about the topic such as background, history and other specific details about the topic. Its purpose is not merely to describe, but to draw emotions from the reader as well


Put together abstract and concrete ideas

Do not use too many adjectives

Provide examples and make suppositions when possible

Compare and Contrast Essay

It is a common tool in business. You can organize the essay in different ways, for example:

1.      You can compare and contrast throughout the body of the essay

2.       You can talk about one topic and then shift to the next

A very good way of preparing yourself for this type of essay is to make something called a Venn diagram.

Explanation Essay

You will commonly find this type of essay in a college entrance exam and in any essay writing class. In an explanation essay, you will be asked to clarify or expand on a description of a product, company or a particular topic that needs understanding.

Types of Essays