How to Write Reviews for Money

Many people write reviews for money every day because it is a great way to get exposed and gain legitimacy. It is a simple process and just about anything under the sun can be reviewed, from products to services to websites and schools. First, to write reviews for money, you must understand that they are more than a simple presentation of its qualities.

A proper review properly expounds on the pros and cons and effectiveness and relevancy. In terms of style, those who write reviews for money know that it is better to use an active voice rather than a passive one. The writer wants to appear convincing and confident – like an expert, not someone who is as lost as the reader may be.

If the project has a number of benefits, make sure to discuss all of them. While writers still need to take a look at the negative aspects of a product or service many elect to put a positive spin on their articles to keep from seeming negative. While there are a number of sites that allow user-submitted reviews, many who want to make it as a professional begin by putting up their work on a blog and get money through advertisements and programs such as Google’s Adsense. If this is done properly it can lead to other work.

There are sites out there that accept reviews. Sites such as Ciao.Com accept user written content. Money can come in from there. pays around two dollars per review and ten cents per vote. Plenty of topics are covered by ReviewStream, from health products, medicine, cosmetic, education and even house wares.  They do have stringent requirements, however – though they can accept reviews for a fifth of their normal cost, if they do not want or need your review it is best to simply go to another site.

Associated Content as well as Helium are pretty easy sites to get into, which is important for starting writers who do not have the right credentials or reputation to make it on their own. Associated Content in particular pays well – around three to six dollars for a well written review.



Write Reviews for Money