Elements of a Good Essay

Writing a good essay is a very rewarding activity. However, it is a sad fact that it does not come easy for most of us. It may be because the essay, like other creative works, seems unwieldy; it does not have a clear formula (the introduction-body-conclusion structure can only get you so far) nor clear solutions (two great essays about a single topic may have conflicting stands). But taking an essay writing course will definitely make the process more comprehensible.

There’s still no universal agreement on what makes a good essay, but the following are elements that essay writing course see as requirements for making good essays.

Logical sequence of thought. Each part should relate to the one it precedes; there has to be a clear connection between phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Also, each part should progress until the essay’s main point is delivered or a complete singular effect achieved.

Attention to detail. This does not mean that you include every detail you can find about your subject. On the contrary, it means selecting only those that are most telling and descriptive. Essay writing course will help you spot details that are appropriate and evocative.

Clear objective. The message or purpose should be clear in every essay. If it is a descriptive essay, don’t include any details that does not relate to the central topic. For persuasive essays, you may include arguments against your own stand, but round up the essay by clarifying why yours is the right one.

Proper diction. Use words that are appropriate to your purpose and that are suited for your intended readers. Your language (including your grammar and sentence structure) will be reviewed in an essay writing course.

Balance and symmetry. There is a human inclination to keep things even and in order. Unless you are trying for effect or style, your paragraphs should be about the same length and your essay written as an coherent whole.

Something novel. Provide a new concept, idea, or observation. This will be what would distinguish your work from all others. Being in an essay writing course does not mean you will have great epiphanies, but rather that you can at least say old wisdom in fresh and apt ways.

One last advice when writing an essay is to have a reader in mind. Just as attending a fancy party forces you to dress well, writing for an audience will force you to clarify your thoughts and, luckily and is often the case, stumble upon ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered from mere idle thinking.

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