Writing the best country lyrics has been a dream of aspiring song writers ever since this genre originated in the south western states of the US in the 1920s. All the lyrics worthy of mention have simplicity as the cornerstone of their language, structure and music. Never before has the world witnessed such a boom in the world of music as it has recently with the flood of a large variety of songs, which cater to specific tastes, ages and genders. The best country lyrics will transcend demographics and have universal appeal.

Talented country lyricists sometimes have an inborn quality. Others may gain their superior status after much toil and sweat. Whatever way the lyrics are created, it is a thing of pride to be able to pen the best country lyrics. At the same time, country song writing is often a collaborative task. Most country lyrics of substance acknowledge their evolution from several writers working in coordination. Then there is the work of a team of musicians who give the lyrics a suitable tune and play the accompanying instruments. And finally there is a voice to breathe life into the lyrics; the singer is not always the lyricist. Each of the people involved should complement the overall country song lyrics.

Primarily, the best country lyrics are the ones that immediately connect with the listeners. The listeners should begin to identify themselves with the character, experience or the occasion being sung about.

Select the central theme of the lyric you want to pen with caution. The subject matter should be one that you are most comfortable with and something you feel passionate about. In this way you are likely to do a great job that will become a raving success.

Song publishers want to hear the song in its entirety and not the lyric alone in the form of prose. Team up with well known music composers to enliven your creation with melody never heard before.

Your lyrics must be lexically powerful. Each word used must be hard hitting with loads of meaningful potency. Mark Twain remarked, “The difference between the right word and nearly the right word is the difference between a lightening bug and lightening.” The best country lyrics may be of fewer words than 100 but if each can convey the intended impression that will be sufficient to win the Grammy Award.

Have a punch line or a ‘hook’ early in the lyric and repeat it several times throughout. This will give it an identity and help people to remember it for long.
Listen to many samples of the best country lyrics. Study their structure, the way they used the music to their advantage and then proceed to compile one of your own. This will imbue you with improved confidence.

Do not get bogged down. All great lyricists made a start somewhere small. They experienced rejections too but succeeded because they kept going despite the vicissitudes. Just remember to jot down all ideas about the lyric on hand that flash into your mind and use them to craft a lyric that sells.

Best Country Lyrics