Discovering how to write a country song has no mystique in it. It simply involves reaching out to your audience and touching their hearts and minds. The main features of a country song lies in its ability to tell a simple story, narrate an incident or an experience in a straight forward manner that the listener can relate to it directly. The song that you write should not be restricted to any age, gender or class. It is this very ageless beauty of a song that makes it tick, sets feet tapping and hearts humming long after the song is over. There are a few simple tricks of how to write a country song that a budding writer can use and go down in history of the world of music:

· Note down immediately all the ideas that come to head or else you are likely to forget them later on.

· Country songs are imbued with realism. The theme you choose must relate to real people, their emotions, experiences and hopes. In this way songs have a better impact on the listeners who mouth the words as the song plays, reminiscing about their own similar occurrences in life. This down-to-earth quality creates waves down the generations. A few impressionable subjects include love and romance, disappointments, hope, religion, nature, betrayal, death and the country folk. Stick to one theme, peppered with a colorful description.

· Listen to and study country songs. Observe their themes, the way they have been phrased, their simple use of rhyme and rhythm. The more number of songs you hear, the closer you will get to learning how to write a country song. Country songs that click use a “hook”, a phrase that is used within 60 seconds of the start of the song and is repeated often, especially in the chorus.

· You may write around the melody of a song or write the song and set it to music. Either way is good as long as you keep the words simple and the music soothing.

· The trick of how to write a country song can soon be mastered by remembering to tell a story through it. A plain narration of real life incident becomes an instant hit and is etched in the memory of the listeners. Speak straight from the heart and you will realize that the outpourings are more meaningful.

· Learn to add a tinge of humor when imbibing the basics of how to write a country song. That really sets the hearts fluttering of the listeners, making the song catchy.

· The chorus of your song should be different, with a beat that is distinctive and has words that ring out with resounding reverberation. It is the chorus that is the most important part of a song and which gives it an identity.

· No harm in writing and re-writing the song a number of times, making little amendments with each revision, till you are sure that you have really what you always dreamed about.

· Respect your audience. Give them what they want; something they can identify themselves with.

· How to set a song to music is just as important as How to write a country song. So, get help from the best musicians.

How to Write a Country Song