When required to write country lyrics, do not panic. If composing a dream song is not exactly a breeze, neither is it conquering Mount Everest! Get your pen and paper out and get ready to sweep country music lovers off their feet. Yes, you can do it, provided you have the inclination to do so as also the basic knowledge of the intricacies involved. As you proceed to write country lyrics, you will derive immense satisfaction if your dream project is a raving success. In order to achieve your mission, acquaint yourself with a couple of useful tips.

It does not require the skills of a creative genius to write country lyrics. All that is actually needed is the ability to tell a story that can be sung with the accompaniment of simple music – a few chords of a guitar perhaps. There are a lot many musicians who will help out with the music part willingly. If nothing works, you can learn the fundamentals of guitar strumming and give your songs a kick-start.

Give the lyrics that you compose a realistic theme. The beauty of a country song lies in its narration of a story that not only dwells on descriptive words but also gives vent to the sentiments involved. This quickly enthralls the listener who begins to identify himself with the lyric, making it a sure success. Men and women down the ages have loved those country songs that are meaningful to them, hold those values that they find priceless. Selection of the topic of the lyric is the deciding factor for its popularity. Simple themes that touch the lives of a layman are best loved. When you write country lyrics spend a lot of time to choose a proper subject; a subject that you hold dear, a subject you are conversant with.

Write country lyrics in simple yet powerful language. Use a rhyming or a synonyms dictionary if needed. The ease of understanding each word by the audience is what makes a lyric tick. Too many metaphors or complex sentences only obstruct the flow of the song and decrease the enjoyment of the listeners.

Do not be daunted by a few initial hitches. It is not necessary that the first couple of drafts are what you actually wanted. Edit several times, bringing the changes that you think will make your lyric a masterpiece. Organize the inspirational expressions well so that the listener is transported along with the story or emotions that your country lyric is steeped in.

Have a ‘hook’ at the start of the song and repeat it many times throughout. Let the chorus be catchy so as to allow the audience to hum along and echo in their minds long after the lyric is over.

Respect the listeners, study many popular songs before you attempt to write country lyrics. Once you get hold of the pulse of the listeners, you are already half way to your triumph. Let the words flow right from your heart; do not thwart the direction the lyric is going. Be natural and within no time you will top the list of country lyric writers.

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