Country song writing can be economically and emotionally gratifying. The writer can give vent to his pent up feelings through the song he writes. The pathos haunting the country songs is well known. Usually songs of this genre are a narration of sorrow stemming out of separation, betrayal or death. While composing country lyrics, the writer can tell a realistic tale or experience he has had or how he feels about it. Sentimentality is at the core of country lyrics, with subtle music that does not rob the words of their beauty. Country song writing is an art that can be easily mastered with a little patience and perseverance.

A country lyric writer upholds certain emotions and convictions that are rarely reflected in other genre of songs. Country song writing is by no means an easy task. Having its origin in the southern United States and the Appalachian Mountains in 1920s, songs of this category are also referred to as hillbilly and can be melodiously combined with other trendy musical forms of later years. The timeless beauty of country lyrics have been made famous by many artists throughout the years. Some country lyrics written several decades ago will continue to be popular down the centuries.

Country song writing can be fun since the composer can bring out his latent verbal creativity, weaving a magical spell that also has a visual impact on the listeners. The intensity of emotions depicted via the medium of country lyrics is not unknown, being the closest to real life situations. Generally, country lyrics are interspersed with chorus and verses. While the former mirror the feelings, the latter are used to push forward the narration in the plainest of language. Through country lyric writing, the writer can address not only the ears but the hearts and mind of the audience.

Words form the corner stone of a country song. It is important to use just the right words to create a far reaching bearing upon the listeners. Such words will be long remembered and perhaps be hummed later on. There is nothing mysterious about country songwriting. Renting open the heart in a tone of confession is the crux of this ever green art.

The country song industry today accepts just any subject matter within the song. The aspiring writer should explore fresh avenues to get novel ideas for his song. He should also jot down any thoughts that occur to him about the chosen theme. Later he may sieve through them, organize and begin to pen the lyric itself. He may think along non-traditional lines, combine two genres of music or even consider a variation in the verse/chorus structure to capture the attention of the audience and leave a lingering effect on their minds. The writer should not forget that country songs are typically American and learn to respect the conventional realm. Country songs have their roots in national pride, feeling of patriotism and hard work. Compositions that have a modern flavor yet maintain the uniqueness of country songs create not just ripples but waves.

Country Song Writing