Creative Writing Tips – Writing to an Audience

Keep your audience in mind.  People don’t write things just to write.  Even if you’re the only person to read the short story in dept it still means you’re writing to someone even if that someone is yourself.  Try to think of you audience who would you want to read this if you could and of course include yourself.  Think about it for a little bit.  Don’t be afraid to do what you want to please others at the same time don’t push people away either.  Don’t try to flower your language with the intent to impress people; only use fancy language if you know what it means and if it fits what you’re writing.  If your writing to ten-year-olds, don’t contemplate the intercede name to video emotional camaraderie.  Your audience won’t have a clue what you are talking about.  Don’t assume that people are going to pick up a dictionary to see what a word means.  If you are watching this you are probably in love with words.

Not everybody is going to nerd out on adjectives like you will.  Finally, and probably the most important tip of all be sure to turn to the late Douglas Adams for inspiration his words of advice don’t panic.  Writing a book is not easy it is a lot of work a lot of critical thinking, and a lot of dedication.  It is going to take a lot out of you mentally and emotional, especially when you write certain pieces.  Don’t panic.  If you research writing and see one hundred problems, don’t panic.  If you can’t figure out a perfect title or scene or name or word don’t panic.  If you feel completely stuck, and everything feels hopeless don’t panic. Relax take a break, grab a snack, some coffee, read a book, watch a movie.  If you stress about your writing you will write stress full literature.

When writing, you’re never writing to reach the end.  Actually writing a book is merely the first step in a long process.  The longer step one takes you the longer the entire process is going to take you.  The more you fret about things the more time you will be wasting doing nothing.  So go clear your head, and then come back, and finish it up.  It is pretty clear that writing is pretty complicated.  There are lots of steps that go into creating a piece of literature and we have not even kicked the dust off some of the topics of literature.  We will have to save that for next time.

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