Freelance ghostwriters are people who do ghostwriting for other people on a freelance basis.   Now to be clear what the term freelance means is very important in this scenario.  Freelance means that the person offers their services on a temporary basis to those interested in hiring that person.  This means that the job is a temporary one and that the freelancer is expected to operate independently.    So the freelancer is essentially a one person office able to do a specific job without supervision or the need to be part of a team.

When this term is applied to a freelance ghostwriters it means a writer that offers their writing services for hire on a temporary basis.  Now the term ghostwriter should also be examined.  A ghostwriter is a person who is a visable as a ghost.  In other words they often deliver the work they write for pay and do not take any credit for the work.   Oftentimes the person who hires the freelance ghostwriters puts their own name on the work as the author. The person who has written the material is not visible at all, sort of like a ghost.

You might be wondering why someone would become a ghostwriter.  You might think to yourself that any artist or writer that goes about the trouble to create would want the credit for what they create.  Well to be blunt, the writing artist trades the credit for what they have written for money.    Sometimes freelance ghostwriters are involved with a lucrative book or other writing assignment and are quite happy to do the job and make the money no matter who is credited.  Sometimes when we see a book that has a famous person as the author listed on the book jacket the fact of the matter is that the person has brought in  freelance ghostwriters to do a good bit of the work for them.   These are just a few of the examples of what makes up the job of the freelance ghostwriters.  There are any number of scenarios that can occur for someone to want to hire this type of person for an in depth look at the freelance ghostwriter profession you could buy a book on the subject.

Freelance Ghostwriters