How to Hire a Fiction Ghostwriter

The majority of ghostwriters will be willing to write non-fiction or fiction ghostwriting and avoid technical writing as much as possible. Fiction ghostwriting however is a different genre. One must have a special skill set to write fiction. If you want to write something fiction, you need to hire a ghostwriter experienced in writing fiction.

Most fiction ghostwriters are talented and have novels published in their own name and is well known in the publishing industry. They are good at characterization, plot, suspense and dialogue. They are quite capable of giving you your bestseller. They can also give you advice regarding publishing your first novel.

Writing may seem to be an easy task, but writing to be published is a different story. And this is the reason why more than 40% of the novels that are seen on the bookshelves of big bookstores are ghostwritten. You should have a particular style of writing along with the ability to weave a good plot in order to produce an exciting book. If you possess these skills, fine; and if not the fiction ghostwriter is always there to help you out.

If you are not experienced in selecting a fiction ghostwriter, here are some tips that you can use to choose one.

First of all create a list of probable fiction ghostwriters. Interview them one by one and request for references. Since ghostwriters do not have any locus they are not able to publish their profile anywhere. However, you can ask them to give you contact details of previous clients. Call up some of the references and check on the ghostwriters and note whatever feedback you get.

Mind reading is not the forte of any ghostwriter, therefore you have to give every minute details of the story line that you have in mind. Tell him what you expect and the type of characters that are included in your story.

You should ask your ghostwriter to submit chapter-wise drafts to you as the book progresses. The advantage of going through draft is that if some change is required it can be incorporated at the initial stage itself before it is too late.

You should encourage your ghostwriter on the way. If you do not encourage him with words of praise he will not be encouraged to write his best. And if things are not turning out as you expected, you should also tell him that so that things can be straightened out at the initial stage itself.

Any shade of ghostwriter, all write for money. Make sure you pay him regularly on time as per agreed terms. In the event you want the novel to finish on time, you have to make payment on time. Stopping payment means stopping the progress of your novel.

When the writing is over, go through it from start to finish and if you want some changes to be made, get it done immediately. If you think of making changes after a lot of time has lapsed, then you might have to make payment to incorporate the changes. But if you make the changes immediately after the novel is finished, you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Adopting the above tips you should be able to hire a reliable fiction ghostwriter and get you novel written in time.

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