Tips on How to Become a Good Novelist

When writing a book, there are three important elements that you should take note of:
•    Plot
•    Characterization
•    Conflict

But if you are trying to learn how to become a good novelist, there is another element which is as important as the others: building scene structure. Every scene should contribute to the development of the plot. A writer should carefully analyze every scene and make sure it will encourage readers to keep reading and not help put them to sleep.

How a Novelist Builds Scene Structure

In every form of writing, there should always be a beginning, middle and end and so should every scene. A scene has three components just as a story: goal, conflict and dilemma. It is also important that every scene will make the reader want to read through the subsequent paragraph or chapter.

How to Know if Your Scene is Effective

An effective scene will draw the reader in unconsciously. He won’t want to put the book down and stop reading. He just has to read through until the last page. This should be the goal of every novelist.

How to Analyze a Scene

It is ideal to start a scene with something that captures the curiosity, interest and focus of the reader.

More Tips on How to Build Scene Structure
Aside from developing the story plot, every scene should reveal more about the characters. A goal, a conflict and a dilemma are all important components.

Each scene should be opened with a hook and ended with a dilemma that will draw the readers into every page of your novel, wanting to know what will happen next.  This is what successful  professional novelists for hire do. This makes their creative writing services sell.

Preparing a Fast Draft

Five thousand words a day is an ideal writing rate. Some professional novelist can accomplish it just within two hours every evening. You have to try to learn working at a comparable pace. Writing at a good speed is an important skill which you should aim to achieve. Professional novelists who have observed the same practice state that it helps them absorb themselves in the story and make them anticipate getting back to writing each day.

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