Novel Writing Tips: Choose Your Words and Style

A common mistake among beginners in novel writing is that they tend to use too many adverbs – usually words that end with –ly. Too many adverbs tire readers. You have to choose an appropriate verb which carries more impact.
Most beginners think that adverbs improve the reader’s understanding towards the character’s action however it is not true. Too many adverbs will more likely annoy the readers.  So instead, it is better to choose your verbs carefully.
The English language continues to evolve; other nouns are being used as verbs.

How to Find and Replace Adverbs
A search feature is usually available in word processors. Because most adverbs end in –ly it is very easy to find them.
1.    In the search box, type “ly.”
2.    Highlight all the words ending in -ly.
3.    Then go back and think about each one.
4.    Make use of a dictionary or thesaurus to choose a more precise verb.
Proper Word Choice and Style
A writer’s choice of words is very important. It reflects the writer’s skill, knowledge and expertise of the English language. A poor word choice will discourage your readers from reading your novel.
Procedural novels or medical thrillers are concrete examples. If a writer succeeds in using precise verbs when taking account of the procedures, he gives an impression of expertise and knowledgeableness on the topic. Moreover, proper word choice will make the plot more real to the reader and he will become more involved in the story.
Your target audience is also a factor in your word choice and writing style. If you are targeting a younger age group, then you should use simple words that can be easily understood. You may use more technical words when targeting a more mature audience.
If you want to write a novel effectively, remember to consider your choice of words. This is an element which could significantly affect your audience’s response towards your story.
Writing a novel takes a considerable amount of time especially if you are just a beginner. You might need the creative writing service of a professional for hire. If you are planning to sell novels and stories, this will give you more chances of producing something which you can market.

Novel Writing — Adverbs Suck
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