To learn how to write country songs, you must understand country as a genre of music and what their lyrics are about. It is sometimes about telling a heart touching story set to simple musical chords mostly of a guitar and sung with emotional realism. In addition, country songs, as the name implies are often about country living and having fun. Great country lyrics are basically great stories and the singer is a good narrator. This old-time music holds the charm and eloquence of the days gone by, with many talented writers taking to writing songs of this genre mainly due to its simplicity and style. With their rich historical background, country lyrics have created an indelible niche for themselves in the hearts and minds of lovers of music.

Imbibing the basics of how to write country lyrics will assist a writer to compose excellent masterpieces that will be remembered for ages to come. At the start, all country songs were not penned by the celebrities singing them but rather, they are the work of common men like you and me. The difference lies in the writers having the unquenchable thirst to produce something unique. They mastered the art through practice and more practice. Rarely do country song writers become raving hits in their initial attempts at it. A few tips on how to write country songs can pave the way of a budding writer’s path towards assured success:

· Country songs are about feelings. Write exactly what you are feeling – happy, sad, nervous or scared in phrases and then give it a tune. Add a couple of accompaniments, a reputable voice and the song is ready. Great writers need not be great singers. They are merely great story tellers with a blend of realism.

· Look for a common everyday phrase. Give it a twist and use it as a hook, repeating it many times throughout the song. This gives your song an identity and helps it to be long remembered.

· How to write country songs will be clear if you listen to as many of this genre, taking note of their structure and their smooth flow. Try to follow the example of the easy verse-chorus-verse pattern and become a good composer yourself.

· The aim of any type of writing is to convey a vivid description of some action. The same holds true in the case of country songs. Imagination should be sparked off by the song you write.

· The trick of how to write country songs lies in using simple yet power-packed words. Every word used should go towards painting a clear picture of your sentiments.

· Keep making notes about everything that comes to your mind regarding the song being composed. This could be a book, movie, places, name or anything else.

· Formal training in how to write country songs will not do as much as your experience. Keep practicing the skill. Write many songs. You will find the quality of your writing getting better gradually. Not every song you write need to be about your own experience but try to put life into it as if it was what you were going through.

Writing country songs that are hits are usually the outcome of the ability to empathize, narrate and observe.

How to Write Country Songs