If you want to know what is social studies, there are many answers because social encompasses many areas. All subject taught as a part of social sciences are finely interrelated, making it difficult to drop or side-track any from this wide berth. A few of the disciplinary fields have been elaborated upon:

History is part of what social studies is. Delving into the past is important to make accurate projection into the future. Students learn about what occurred in the days gone by to predict the societal changes and understand the implications of current events. Also, students get role models from the great personalities and leaders of the past.

Another part of the answer to the question — what is social studies — is geography. Learners become aware of the physical world around them, the countries, continents and the varying climates. The tribes and settlements and their impact on society are studied by students, preferably from the early, formative years. Reading and learning maps, memorizing names of capitals and the vast universe makes the children feel proud of being a part of it. Students of social studies are more conscious of maintaining ecological balance of the earth.

Civics is part of social studies. The duties and rights of citizens are taught through civics. The different forms of governments with a focus on the role of a resident are brought out clearly in the teaching of this subject. In other words, it educates the civilians about laws laid out by governing bodies.

What is social studies? Economics is also part of the answer. This all pervasive subject is primarily concerned with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services by the people. It has immense influence upon many of the other facets of life, such as business, crime, government, war, health, politics, law, education and religion. Students studying economics are placed at an advantage since they can conceptualize the functioning of all matters related to money.

Sociology — simply put, this is the study of society. Empirical investigations and analysis of why social elements behave in a certain way teach students how they can be made better and improve the living of people.

Social studies is important because it combines many disciplines into one. There exists an interdisciplinary element in this field of study. The ability to analyze critically is developed in students of social science which link it with math and science too. Well written lesson plans can help to show students the importance of social studies.

What is Social Studies