A press release ghost writer can help with your marketing effort.  The bottom line is that news stories that link to a website help that sites search rankings considerably.  Therefore, there is a lot of emphasis toward creating and distributing news releases so they get used by news outlets and posted on the Internet.

For our part, we assist our clients with the creation of great content and then help with distribution of news releases, usually through PRNewswire.com or PRWeb.com.

We write them and submit them to multiple press release directories.  You will get customer traffic for years using press release submissions.  Press release and article marketing are best ways to drive traffic to your website, much better than pay per click advertising.

Article and press release marketing an can increase your website ranking and number of targeted visitors. Press Releases are a powerful publicity tool to build business awareness.

Press releases and articles are beneficial because they generate links back to your website. The more links you have pointing to your site the higher your search engine ranking will be. A press release is intended for the media (they can use the copy verbatim) and they are published on sites like PRWeb.com and PRLog.com. Articles are for general consumption and can be published on places like eHow.com or eZineArticles.com.

You can publish articles on your blog to let people know more about your product/services. And when you submit articles to Article Directories on the Internet, then you would start receiving traffic from Article Directory. And by the press release you inform the online world about your new product/services.

Press Release Ghostwriter