Organizations such as advertising agencies, public relationship firms, company advertising departments, web developers, broadcasters and cable providers, large stores, newspapers and magazines employ copy writers. Freelance copywriters are found as independent contractors for various clients, either at client`s office or working from home too.

Copywriters are usually working as a part of creative team in any organization employ or engage them. They are deemed as art director in agencies and advertising departments.  They have the ultimate responsibilities for the verbal or textual contents they produce and render. This may often include what client offers as copy information.  When this exercise extends to the role of account executive, it may be called as “copy/contact”.   The visual communication’s ultimate responsibility is borne by the art director. When the matter is concerned to print works; its production may be overseen.  Anyone of them may come up with an idea for the ad or commercial, typically this is referred to as the concept or “big idea “and the process of collaboration results mostly improvement of works.

Technical writers are similar to copy writers and their career may overlap or interchange. The basic difference between the jobs is the technical writer, writes to inform readers that persuading them to act or buy anything. Whereas copy writers write to persuade the readers to act; such as to sell or buy.  Suppose when both them write for the car, the technical writer writes for the car’s manual explaining how to use it or how it works and the copy writer writes for sell or buy the car.

The copy writer has nothing to do with them who write copyright laws. Since the words are similar they may be confusing. They are not related anyhow.

Here are some big names in copy writing, they are David Ogilvy, William Bernbach and Leo Burnett. There are many famous creative artists who spent some of his time in their career as copywriter then became famous for some other creative works.  Some of them are Dorothy L. Sayers, Viktor Pleevin,  Eric Ambler, Joseph Heller, Terry Gilliam,. Salman rshdie, Don DeLillo, Lawrence Kasdan and Shigesato Itoi, Herschell Gordon Lewis. The last in the list became famous for directing violent exploitation film, and then he retired to become a very successful copywriter.

The internet and web world have opened immense opportunities for copy writers. They include web contents, ads, commercial emails and other online media jobs. Internet also offers the copywriter to learn the skills of the job. They can research, can view others works and utilize such scopes to improve upon their own performances. Besides these internet offers a common platform to meet the employers, copywriters and art directors to find and meet each other.  Such meetings also open plethora of opportunities of works covering various areas.

Considering these all factors it may be concluded that the increased use of independent contractors, virtual commuting, the scope of freelancing as an job option is becoming more and more viable. This was unthinkable a generation ago, when hardly one could take up freelance copy writing as a profession that would earn his or her livelihood. But now the scenario has changed drastically, a good performer in freelance copy writing may find it as a better option to a regular job.

Normal schooling with an emphasis on language and communication skill is a good start or supplement for a budding copywriter’s professional training or education. Furthering the craft one needs to hone his skill by taking up the job and give a try.  This is particularly helpful when one gets to work with advertising agencies.

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