The satisfaction derived from writing country lyrics is unparalleled to any other expression of inherent creativity. A divine gift, composing meaningful lyrics and setting them to music is an art worth striving for. A country lyric is a fine blend of traditional and popular forms of songs that have many sub-genres and styles.

Writing country lyrics is not every common man’s cup of tea. People with a keen sensitivity, imagination and observation do well at this profession. A successful country lyric will touch the ear, heart and soul of the old and the young, be easily set to soft music, while reverberating with words to become endearing to the listener. The basic device in the writing of lyrics is the repetition of choruses and has been thus since the dawn of history of vocal music. There is something hauntingly magical about writing country lyrics. The more you delve into it, the more you are likely to become enchanted by it and all other thoughts seem to fade into the recess of your mind. It is an engrossing as well as lucrative vocation. All famous lyricists of yesteryear have been known to be music lovers too.

Writing country lyrics is a good way to express your sentimental inclinations – grief, joy, love, desire, hope and a wide host of equally touching emotions. Here are a few helpful hints to walk you through the process of writing lyrics for country music:

· Read some all-time favorite country lyrics to study why they did well. Keep your theme along the same guiding principle.

· The one outstanding feature of a country lyric is its close association with a story. An aspiring lyricist should reflect on some tale he had heard, an individual by whom he was greatly influenced or even an experience he underwent. Revolving around this impressionable lore, he can weave a captivating web.

· Pay greater attention to the emotional aspect of the story and do not get waylaid by the elucidation of the sequence of events. This will convert a composition from being just a poem or a narrative to a set of delightful words that are powerful expressions that connect to the listeners’ mind and heart.

· Use short, crisp vocabulary and sentences. Simplicity of language is important while writing country lyrics. Complex sentences and difficult words disallow the listener from obtaining the maximum enjoyment since they sound jarring and impede the melodious flow. Moreover, simple words are easy to find rhyming words for.

· Have a variety in the syllables and timbre you use. Perfect rhyming of words is not as important as the richness of voice that eventually sings the lyric.

· Follow a set structure while writing country lyrics. The most accepted style is verses followed by chorus that re-instills the emotional expressions. The verses carry the narrative ahead in the lyric you are penning.

· Work in collaboration with a few musicians to check if the song you have composed is easy enough to be set to full-fledged music later on. This will give you an opportunity to re-work on the lyric, giving it a classic touch.

Writing Country Lyrics