Much of successfully writing stand up comedy has to do with mixing up the point of view. Stand up comedy writing can use a variety of points of view. It is not so much that one point of view is better than another. Some work better in certain circumstances. In general, stand up comics have the best results when they vary their points of view throughout their set.

There are four stages to help you completely understand each of the different view points and do better at writing stand up comedy. However, you can condense this exercise into one stage. Using a one round exercise, you can begin with the narrator explaining the scene, then move into the argument between you and the other character with the narrator occasionally stepping out, and back to make wise cracks about the current scene to add detail.

This exercise will help you with write your stand up and build a great routine for any conversation that is full of strong emotions. Arguments work best, but you can always use other situations. Try out different situations that elicit strong emotions such as jealousy, hatred, shame, etc. The scene will get boring without these strong emotions because there will not be passion behind the conversation. Practice with the four stages until you completely understand the three viewpoints and their staging before you try condensing them into one.

Applying Points of View to Your Jokes

Using different points of view when writing stand up comedy will open a larger spectrum of opportunities. You will find that you will continue to find more and more ways to implement points of view within your routines the more you practice using them. Using different points of views within your approach also allows you more ways to express your personality.

Joke Framework

As you have learned through this process of writing stand up comedy, jokes are created by building two interpretations of one thing for the audience (the desired assumption and the reinterpretation). You can build and create these two interpretations in many ways, one of which is by switching between different points of view. This is true because the different perspectives each provide a different interpretation. Being able to switch between the three points of view gives you the possibility of joke framework because you can interpret the situation in more than just two ways.

Writing Stand up Comedy